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2021 Primary English Classes for Primary 3 to 5

As our classes are designed to suit the specific needs of your child, please contact us to arrange for a diagnostic assessment so that we can advise you on the suitable time slots.


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What's our Curriculum for Primary English?


At SLC, Primary English tuition for Primary 1 to 6 students are specially tailored according to the latest PSLE Primary English syllabus in Singapore's education to support our primary school students in achieving stellar grades in their PSLE Primary English exams.

We understand this centrally as our focus for students enrolled in our Primary English tuition classes. We emphasise tremendously on building our students' knowledge in English grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and composition skills. For our students to gain an edge over others, we expose them to a variety of general knowledge, in particular current affairs. We also encourage them to become confident speakers and effective communicators.

Broadened in their general knowledge and having been equipped the very skills to comprehend sophisticated texts and write well-informed compositions, we trust that our students can pave their ways towards academic success. Their learning is continually reinforced with weekly comprehension and composition practice papers specially tailored to the needs of each level. For PSLE Primary English students, we take this to the next level by analysing past PSLE Primary English papers and eliminating common mistakes by students and teaching important exam strategies.

Who are our teachers?


Our teachers from the English department at SLC possess a wealth of experience in teaching the English language. While keeping themselves abreast of the latest syllabus by SEAB for PSLE Primary English, they also incorporate a diversity of interactive teaching techniques to effectively engage students in lessons and motivate them to study.


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Understanding the PSLE Primary English syllabus

In order to prepare our students well for the PSLE Primary English exams, our English department ensures that all our teachers possess a comprehensive understanding of the latest PSLE Primary English syllabus (0001). The current syllabus for PSLE Primary English, implemented by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) since 2015, focuses on FOUR key areas:

Paper 1: Writing

In this paper, students are tested on Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.


The weightage and total duration for this paper are 27.5% and 1h and 10min respectively.

Paper 2: Language Use and Comprehension


There are 2 booklets in this paper.


In booklet A, a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ), students are tested on Grammar, Vocabulary, Vocabulary Cloze and Visual Text Comprehension.


In booklet B, an Open Ended paper, students are tested on Grammar Cloze, Editing for Spelling and Grammar, Comprehension Cloze, Synthesis and Transformation and Comprehension.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 47.5% and 1h and 50min respectively.


Paper 3: Listening Comprehension

In this paper, students will listen to an audio broadcast (usually twice) and answer a MCQ questionnaire of 20 questions.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 10% and approximately 35min respectively.

Paper 4: Oral Communication

In this paper, an oral examination setting, students will be tested on Reading Aloud and Visual Stimulus-based Conversation.

The weightage and total duration for this paper are 15% and approximately 10min (5min of preparation time and 5min of exam time) respectively.


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