Secondary English Classes

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2021 Secondary English Classes for Secondary 1 to 5

As our classes are designed to suit the specific needs of your child, please contact us to arrange for a diagnostic assessment so that we can advise you on the suitable time slots.


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What's our Curriculum for Secondary English?


Secondary English tuition by SLC School of Language and Communication are specially designed to support Secondary students in scoring in their O Level English exams. As topic areas tested in these examinations change year by year, students must possess a strong command of language and a wealth of general knowledge.

We understand this centrally as our focus for the Secondary English curriculum. Embarking primarily on comprehension and composition, we systematically teach topics relevant to current global affairs, broadening students' general knowledge and equipping them to comprehend texts on a myriad of sophisticated exam topics and to write well-informed compositions. Their learning is further enhanced with weekly comprehension and composition practice papers customised to each level. For Secondary 4 and 5 'O' Level students, we take this to the next level by analysing past 'O' Level papers, eradicating common mistakes by students and teaching important examination strategies.

Who are our teachers?


Teachers from the English department at SLC possess a wealth of experience in teaching the English language. While keeping themselves abreast of the latest syllabi by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) for Secondary English, they also employ a diversity of interactive teaching techniques to better engage students in lessons and motivate them to study.


9058 2091


We also offer other subjects:

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