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English, Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)


Mr Ben who is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree, is a former MOE instructor specialising in English and Chinese language and communication. He also holds a BSc Honours degree (Second Upper Class) and a bilingual diploma in Chinese Media & Communication. He is effectively bilingual and possesses more than half a decade worth of teaching experience having taught in both primary and secondary schools. He is a strong believer in child psychology and behavioural science and designs SLC’s pedagogy and curricula to boost student interest and motivation in English and Chinese subjects.

Ms Lim 林老师

English, Chinese and Higher Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)

A retired teacher from a reputable school in the East of Singapore and a former senior journalist, Ms Lim is effectively bilingual and boasts a wealth of experience in teaching the English and Chinese languages. Prior to her teaching career, she had been a senior journalist and rose to the ranks of a senior editorial role. She skilfully blends journalistic experience and acumen with teaching and curriculum planning to offer students deeper insights and inspirations to current affairs (a current element required in the new PSLE and O level syllabi).



English and Chinese (Primary and Secondary level)


A former MOE English and Chinese language instructor, Ray majored in the Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature and shares great passion for language arts in both the English and Chinese languages. An avid fan of literature, he shares his arsenal of reputable literary works with students so as to develop their love for languages and bilingualism.